Don dans le cadre de la lutte contre Ebola

Lors de la dernière visite de Mamadou Sakho à la All Saints primary school de Anfield, ce dernier a apporté sa contribution à la mobilisation de l’école. Le but étant de pouvoir apporter un soutien matériel et financier à l’école Fano en Sierra Leone, dont les enfants et enseignants sont très durement touchés par le virus Ebola.



As part of Mamadou’s work for Liverpool Football club he makes regular visits to All Saints primary school in Anfield.  The school is linked to a village in Sierra Leone, West Africa where teachers visit each year to help and support the African teachers and children.  Unfortunately the village of Waterloo has been seriously affected by the Ebola virus and many teachers and children have suffered as a consequence. The children of All Saints school, Anfield , have been working hard to raise money for the families of FANO school in Sierra Leone which has sadly been closed since the summer.

Mamadou and his family visited All Saints school this week to hear some Christmas songs and help children raise money for the families affected by the Ebola crisis.  He generously donated money which will go to help families buy food, water and clothing which has been in short supply since the outbreak of the Ebola crisis this year.  The school is grateful to the LFC foundation and AMSAK, Mamadou’s charity, which helps many good causes in West Africa and raises awareness of the difficult problems that children face over there. The Headteacher Jeremy Barnes says ‘Not only does he help with French in school, but he is working with the children supporting our friends suffering in Africa’.  His donation is added to the children’s own raffles and cake sales.  It all helps the children to develop a greater understanding of issues around the world.’  He was accompanied by his family and his little daughter Aida who was particularly keen to help her daddy out with the school raffle and donations! Thank you so much Mamadou!